Leading the way to successful and sustainable growth

Are your people in the right seats?
 We help you to unlock the growth potential in individuals and connect this to strategy 

How do we help individuals, teams and organisations unlock their growth potential?

We create, develop and sell digital assessment tooling, such as the AEM-Cube and the Qi Index.

We offer consultancy, guidance and training, directly – or via our international network of partners, coaches and consultants. 

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What makes our view on growth unique?

We believe that it’s people who make organisations healthy and successful.
That’s why we focus on giving insight into every individual’s valuable contribution and we celebrate diversity. 
So that you can put the right people in the right seats.

We connect people to strategy.
By linking individual contributions to the context of an organisation, we can create custom programmes to develop your business.
This allows you to put the gained insights into practice immediately.

We have a strong scientific basis.
Our roots in the sciences of organisation ecology, ethology, psychology and cybernetics underpin our validated tooling and working method.
The best way to stand firm in a fast-changing world.

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We gladly and proudly help realise successful and sustainable growth for among others: 

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Read about the exciting research by Alison Reynolds and David Lewis about the power of cognitive diversity in teams, made possible by our very own AEM-Cube.

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Certificatie Courses

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