Human Insight Netherlands

Account Manager

+31 (0)6 82759380

Zeldi Storni-Kliegel

With a background in Horeca and Human Resource Management, I have learned in recent years to work hard and to provide good service. I use this both 4 days a week as an Account Manager at Human Insight. I am available for all national/international account, project and practical questions and I am happy to help all customers and partners. 

In addition to these activities, I like to take up HR-related tasks within the organisation and focus on developing and sharpening materials and processes. I am very hands on and like clear and to-the-point communication, something I took from my upbringing in Rotterdam and is quite useful in dealing with Human Insight's world of men (and nowadays also women!). 

Outside of work, as a real foodie, I spend 90% of my time on terraces and in (new) restaurants and I like to take all kinds of trips with my husband, friends and family. To maintain this lifestyle I am busy with running and fitness.