We offer various training opportunities to equip coaches and consultants with the knowledge and skills to put the tooling into practice.

AEM-Cube Certification Course

The AEM-Cube Certification Course offers coaches, consultants and HR professionals all the necessary knowledge and skills to use the AEM-Cube in practice. The training is available in person and online via the Human Insight Academy.  

ACT-Cube certificatietraining

The ACT-Cube is a variant of the AEM-Cube. Further to the AEM-Cube certification course, we offer training to learn how to use the ACT-Cube to its full capacity.  

Strategic Doing Masterclass

With Strategic Doing, you focus on getting things done. Developed by our partners at Purdue University in the US, it is a method to move from strategy to implementation faster. During the Strategic Doing Masterclass you learn about the method's ten simple and fun steps, as well as the skills to apply the method in different contexts.