AEM-Cube® Certification Program

Are you interested in using the AEM-Cube® with teams and organisations? Then the AEM-Cube® Certification Training is the place to start. From the autumn of 2019 the training in the Netherlands will be offered by Nyenrode Business Universiteit. For international coaches and consultants we developed the online Human Insight Academy (see below). 

After the two days of in-depth training about both theory and practice, you complete your own pilot case. Following a successful debrief and report of your pilot project, you will be AEM-Cube® certified. We welcome you to our international network of practitioners and invite you to our bi-annual Practitioner Workshops.  

Human Insight Academy

Our latest development is the online Human Insight Academy. For international professionals we offer the opportunity to participate in the online AEM-Cube® certification training. 

The online training consists of 14 lectures. In addition there are ample business cases, articles, scripts and other supporting materials added to the online modules. 

Price: € 1.250,-* excl. VAT

* Including: pilot-case assessments, training materials, additional session materials, articles, AEM-Cube® workbook and AEM-Cube® certificate.