Quality of Interaction (Qi) Index

The Qi Index - optimising the quality of interaction

The Quality of Interaction (Qi) Index is developed recently by Alison Reynolds (Ashridge Executive Education) and David Lewis (London Business School) to make organisations more resilient and agile in a fast changing world. 

The Qi Index analyses the dominant emotions, behaviours and cultural characteristics of a team or organisation and compares these to teams and organisations that are associated with high performance and adaptability.

The results indicate which relational behaviours are needed to strengthen and improve the adaptability of a team or organisation by measuring:

  1. the psychological safety - people feel able and free to express themselves;
  2. the cognitive diversity - acknowledging and appreciating similarities and differences between your perspective and that of your colleagues.

The Qi Index can be used in its own right to map strategic execution, team- and organisational development, and changes in organisational culture. In addition it can be used complementarily to other tools, such as the AEM-Cube®, to deepen the awareness and improve the route to change.


The Qi Index in practice

The Qi Index can be used for groups of different sizes, as long as the group is interested in understanding and improving their patterns of interaction. It can be employed for teams and organisations. The Qi Index is designed to initiate change and support and improve the following:

  • Strategy execution
  • Team development and coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Organisation wide transformation programs
  • Leadership Development
  • Organisation wide transformation programs
  • Level 3 leadership coaching (for leaders who are responsible for creating an environment in which other people can lead effectively)

Results and insights

In the Qi management report that results from the analysis, you can find the following insights:

  • The average position and statistical spread of the whole group regarding the group's adaptability;
  • A summary of the dominant emotions, behaviours and cultural characteristics of the group;
  • Suggestions for focusing on certain areas, for example critical interactions that contribute to psychological safety and an inclusive culture.


Qi Certification training

To be able to use the Qi Index professionally, it is required to participate in the Qi certification training. We offer the training in collaboration with Alison Reynolds and David Lewis, who developed the tool. The certification training includes the following:

  • Fully understand the Qi Index;
  • Assessing how, when and with whom to use the Qi Index;
  • Analysing and debriefing the generated data;
  • Mobilising clients to improve their adaptability;
  • pilot case.
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