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Which drives are typical for your counsil?

As a supervisor or supervisory director, are you curious to know whether your Supervisory Board or Board of Directors contributes to trust? And whether the actions of your council exude consistency? The Governance-Cube is a new tool that can provide answers to these questions.

A cube is used in the model. The basis indicates what the council wants to emphasize in supervision when it comes to the extent to which the council is relationship- or content-oriented (Attachment) and the way in which innovation is dealt with (Time). The third dimension (height) provides insight into whether this is experienced in this way (Consistency).

With the help of the Governance-Cube it becomes visible whether the board as a whole acts consistently; in other words, whether everyone acts with the same vision of supervision. But also whether the words and actions of the council are consistent with each other so that a good foundation is laid for effective governance.

The Governance-Cube is based on the ACT-Cube®, but then specifically focused on the activities of a Supervisory Board or Board of Directors. This (new) assessment was created in collaboration with Puck Dinjens of Governance in Balance. 

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By participating, you gain insight into your advice regarding consistency and trust. Participation in this questionnaire is free for the first 100 participants. 

Specifically, participating means that you complete a questionnaire. You can take a break at any time in the questionnaire and continue at another time, when you close the browser and the questionnaire completely, your answers will be saved in the meantime. Two to three workdays after completion you will receive your personal report from the Governance-Cube by e-mail from Human Insight.

Your contribution will be used to further validate the questionnaire. 

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Where can I go with my questions?

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact

Puck Dinjens
Governance in Balans