The AEM-Cube: the value of individual contributions
and the strength of strategic diversity

We live in a fast-changing world. Thankfully, adapting to changing environments is part of human nature. People are also inherently curious and seek ways to grow and develop. Each individual approaches change and growth differently. How do you organise all these different perspectives successfully? The AEM-Cube shows how individuals naturally contribute to change and growth. The instrument is based on over 20 years of research and helps individuals, teams and organisations worldwide to identify people's growth potential and connect this to strategy.

The AEM-Cube measures three important dimensions of change and growth: Attachment, Exploration and Managing Complexity. These three dimensions combined describe an individual's natural and unique contribution to change and growth. By collecting these individual contributions in a team image, the AEM-Cube gives insight into teams' strategic diversity and dynamics to explore optimal ways of working together to reach the individual's, team's or organisation's objectives.

What makes this team strong and what challenges will they face?

The AEM-Cube in sum

  • A three-dimensional developmental instrument to map the talents and challenges of individuals, teams and organisations.
  • Available in multiple languages as a self image and feedback image.
  • Implemented by more than 2500 organisations worldwide for various purposes including recruitment, career coaching, team building, leadership and innovation programmes.

The AEM-Cube for individuals

  • Helps with personal development: What is my optimal contribution to change and growth? What gives me energy? 
  • Helps with collaborations: How do I communicate and work together with others? 
  • Helps with career choices: Which leadership style might suit me? Am I working in the right role? 

The AEM-Cube for teams 

  • Mapping the cognitive and strategic diversity of teams by bundling the individual contributions.
  • Encourages a better understanding and appreciation for each individual's contribution to team performance.
  • Helps to analyse and predict team dynamics to safeguard sustainable growth in the face of changes in the team or organisation's diversity or environment.

The AEM-Cube for organisations

  • Gives insight into connecting the optimal individual contributions to the strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • Connects people's growth potential to the natural growth cycle of the organisation.
  • Helps to realise transition, self management and innovation.