The ACT-Cube

Strategic responsiveness and change readiness are essential for realising healthy and sustainable growth and performance. The ACT-Cube visualises these two key concepts in a unique way for business units of every size, such as (project) teams or departments. 

Strategic responsiveness is measured in two of the three dimensions of the ACT-Cube: Attachment and Time. Attachment shows the extent to which the business unit focuses on technical content (for example product development) or on relations (for example market or account development). Time reflects the phases of the Growth-Curve: is the focus of the business unit on past experience or future possibilities? 

Change readiness is a result of the dynamic and complex interaction between trust, attachment, commitment, values, branding and service. We call this pattern of interactions Consistency, the third dimension measured by the ACT-Cube.

The ACT-Cube in sum

  • A three-dimensional instrument to map business units and visualise organisational culture. 
  • Founded on the same scientific and statistical basis as the AEM-Cube®.
  • Available in multiple languages and it can measure a self reflection of the business unit, as well as a 360 feedback image of the quality of interaction between business units.

The ACT-Cube for organisations

  • Gives insight into the strengths of an organisational culture and helps to predict future dynamics and possible challenges to enable healthy and sustainable growth.
  • Visualises the strategic diversity in the organisation from the point of view of the organisational culture.
  • Connects organisational culture and the performance of business units to the strategy and vision of the organisation.

The ACT-Cube for business units

  • Maps the most important strategic characteristics of a business units and helps to predict if the business unit is able to achieve the strategic objectives.
  • Compares the expected contribution of a business unit to the actual contribution to anticipate future possibilities and challenges.
  • Gives insight into the patterns of communication and collaboration within and between business units for a healthy work environment.
The three dimensions of the ACT-Cube: Attachment, Consistency and Time