Talent Development

The right people in the right places

As the interactions and the world are becoming more complex, we see that people invest in skill sets and programs to develop and be able to adjust, react and manage these complexities. 

The Human Insight tools are used in different types of programs by business universities as well as in house tailor-made programs that fit the needs of an organisation. For example, our tools are used in the Behavioural and Cultural Governance program of Nyenrode Business University, Executing Strategy and Result - Strategic Executive Program at London Business School as well as Ashridge Business School, Purdue University, Stanford and de Baak Management Center.

Our development programs help to give management teams, leaders and teams the insights they need to manage organisation growth, understand the impact of complexity and how we can create a support system to impact behavioural change.

human insight

Developing people on different levels

Our unique understanding of what impacts performance is also applicable in the way that we create development programs. Human Insight’s development programs are aimed at different levels of the organisation:

  • The organisation as a whole
    • organisational structure, ecosystem and external factors impacting performance.
  • Leadership
    • The role that leadership plays and the unique constellation of a boardroom, management team members that impact governance, strategy, mission and vision.
  • Teams
    • Dynamics within and between teams and the collaboration power of groups working together.
  • Individuals
    • Development of young professionals, leadership potential and succession planning.

Our approach is not focused on a specific element of soft skills training like how to communicate better. Our programs are designed to give catalysts/ambassadors/stakeholders tools, insights and practical how-to's that help in strengthening the bonds between employees and the organisation.

Strategic and cognitive diversity

Over the years we researched the performance of organisations and what makes teams or groups of people perform better than others. Well, in short, we found that the more diverse a team is, the better it is in dealing and managing complex problems. Thankfully we are not the only ones in the scientific community that have this to be true. However, from here we have made it practical and created best practices for organisations, people and development programs how to reap the benefits of talent alignment and strategic- and cognitive diversity. 

Succession planning | developing the DNA of an organisation

We have learned that when working with startups, scale-ups and corporates that there are certain growing pains that the organisation goes through. This is also the case regarding what to do with your pool of talents within your organisation. From recruitment to development and sometimes exit. What specific talents are needed to be successful within the boundaries of your organisation? Answering these questions is a journey in itself and with the strategic assessment, we are able to make better decisions that impact the further development of your people now, but also for the future.

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Our unique approach to talent management

Our approach will help you to understand which elements make up your unique organisation DNA and/or what you can do to help support a transformation process.

Frequently asked customers questions

  • We want our organisation and people to be more innovative, how can we do that?
  • We have a feeling that we are not giving the right support to our people, how can we get insight in this?
  • We are running into the same execution problems and feel that we can do better, but how?

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Intake process

  • Our first step is to plan in an intake session with stakeholders to understand the needs, wants and requirements.
  • We then create a transparent DNA Canvas® so that you have a clear overview of what makes your organisation and people tick.
  • This intake process and data collection will be the input for designing an action plan and approach to help your organisation achieve the results it wants.