Strategic Development

What makes your company tick?

Every organisation is unique and what sets them apart is their company DNA. At Human Insight we see that the DNA consists of a healthy dose of culture combined with strategy and people. Together with London Business School, we researched the topic of strategy execution and how chief executives experience what really impacts strategy execution. We found that senior executives focus a lot on strategy, structure and procedures. However, when asked what really impacts performance we saw a totally different valuation. It is culture, people, and soft skills development that are valued as the levers to executing well.

The tyranny of the tangible and the elusive soft side of the business

As our insights are used within business schools such as Ashridge Business School, Nyenrode Business University, London Business School, and Purdue University for programs such as Executing Strategy for Results and Executive Leadership courses we found that management teams focus on feedback instruments such as turnover, KPI’s, Net Promoter Score, and is always lagging behind. The soft side of the business defined as people’s behaviour, patterns and collaboration styles are perceived as more elusive to grasp. With our range of strategic assessments, Human Insight offers quantifiable results that give a firm grasp on the soft side of the business.

Your company DNA | Strategic Development

To illustrate and understand what we mean with organisation DNA we have developed an overview of levers that are set in place to execute strategy. There are four main levers that in turn exist of a myriad of smaller topics. The four mainstream levers are;

  1. Strategy: strategic, tactical, operational objectives
  2. Organisation structure; structure, the span of control, roles
  3. Culture: standards, values and norms
  4. Process: the way of working, operational expenditure

These 4 levers are in place to steer performance at the organisational, departmental, team and individual level. All these elements combined create the DNA of your organisation. The magic ingredients that determine the ‘smell of the place’.

Our unique approach to performance and mapping your DNA

Our approach will help you to understand which elements make up your unique organisation DNA and/or what you can do to help support a transformation process.

Frequently asked customers questions

  • We want our organisation to be more innovative, how do we do that?
  • We have a feeling that we are not giving the right support to our people, how can we get insight in this?
  • We are running into the same execution problems and feel that we can do better, but how?

Get in touch with one of our team members to learn more about what we can do for you.

Intake process

  • Our first step is to map your organisational DNA through assessing strategy, interviewing leadership and different team workshops.
  • We then create a transparent DNA Canvas® so that you have a clear overview of what makes your organisation and people tick.
  • This intake process and data collection will be the input for designing an action plan and approach to help your organisation achieve the results it wants.