Leadership development

Tone at the top

Change within organisations is led by people. Thus, supporting senior leadership and management teams is crucial in the development of people and executing their strategic objectives. It is interesting to see that the growth phase of an organisation, or the maturity of an organisation, can be directly linked to types of themes that leadership is dealing with. These themes are:

  • Change
  • Culture 
  • Performance
  • Innovation 

Human Insight runs leadership programs to support senior leaders to navigate governance, be more responsive to change and facilitate adaptive organisational structures and mechanisms. In other words, helping leaders with the needed tools and resources to an ecosystem of change.

Executive presence

Our leadership programs focus on the development of individuals skill sets and giving these leaders a framework to understand what their ecosystem is made off, how organisation structures impede or facilitate growth, and to that extent, how you can create a support system that enables people to grow, develop and execute their result areas. One of the program elements that we use for this is called Executive Presence. Executive Presence is aimed to give senior leaders a better understanding of where they contribute within the organisation, how they interact with and impact their direct environment and people they lead. Executive presence is an important element that all of the aforementioned themes and although there are nuances within each leadership track, it is important to note that the development of leaders is crucial in the overall development of a company.

‘Moments that matter’

Equipping leaders with the right baggage to deal with change, cultural and governance topics is especially important when looking at organisational moments that matter. Just think about the yearly get-togethers, the strategy sessions with teams, the quarterly report. The way that we communicate and ‘behave’ during these moments impacts the other employees and their motivation to work for the organisation. Consistency is key from senior leadership and can be found in even the most mundane things such as internal communications, presentations or even individual performance review meetings.

Our unique approach to leadership development

What makes us unique in our approach is that we equip leaders with insight into your own contributions and link this to the architecture of your organisation. By utilising this approach we develop leaders to be self-sufficient in analysing what is happening on the work floor, how strategy is impacting operations and people behaviours and where to intervene where needed.


Why follow our leadership programs?

  • Get practical insights on how to translate strategy into action: execution gap.
  • Develop your leadership role and navigate senior leadership into certain areas that are needed to develop the business.
  • Insights into governance, organisational structures, routines, patterns, and behavioural issues.
  • Learn how to coach and develop change ambassadors and change catalysts in your organisation.