The Quality of Interaction (Qi) Certification Training

The Quality of Interaction (Qi) Certification Training


The Quality of Interaction (Qi) - Certification Training

Take part in this webinar training, which is fully focused on cognitive diversity, psychological safety, interactions, and organisations in change.

2 webinars provided by David Lewis, one of the researchers and brains behind this new assesment.



The Quality of Interaction (Qi) Certification Training

The Quality of Interaction (Qi) Certification Training

This assessment, specially designed to give organisations more grip in the strongly changing world, is introduced in the beginning of 2018 and measures the 'change strength' of organisations.

During this hands-on certification training you will learn everything about mapping interaction (cognitive diversity) and psychological safety between people in teams and organisations. Through the given insights organisations will be more adaptable to change. Learn this directly from one of the researchers and developers of the tool David Lewis.

The training will help you further understand how to deal with clients when they use the Qi-Index, to discover cultural behaviour and how you can coach a client, consult, and connect based on the given insights of the Qi-Index. Next to this the 'habit'-program with facilitating cultural change be used.

The assessment is focused on activating business and change, designed to support en improve the following:

- Approach to strategy implementation

- Board-development and team coaching

- Leadership development

- Organisation wide transformation programs

- Level 3 leadership coaching (for leaders that are responsible for creating an environment in which others can lead successfully)


Take part in this Qi-Index webinar and become a certified Qi participant.

The Qi Certification Training

Date: webinar 1, February 15, 2021 and webinar 2, date will follow

Location: online, login details will be shared via e-mail

Time: 10:00 - 13:00 o'clock (CET)

Price: € 1,250.- excl. VAT, contact us for a payment arrangement

The Qi-Index ® has been developed on the basis of years of practical research and has been awarded publications in the Harvard Business Review (read the article here).

Questions? Ask Zeldi through or give her a call on: +31 (0)6 82 75 93 80.

Event Details

Start date: February 15, 2021

End date: February 15, 2021

Start time: 10:00

End time: 13:00

Venue: Online

Phone: +31 (0) 6 82 75 93 80