The Strategic Role of HR

The Strategic Role of HR


The Strategic Role of HR

Take part in this training, which is entirely devoted to the Strategic Role of HR. During these 2 online sessions you will learn new insights that influence the performance of the organisation and practical ways to steer behavioural change.



The Strategic Role of HR

The Strategic Role of HR

A two-part training powered by Human Insight and international guest speakers.

The way that Covid-19 has impacted the organisations and the world economy is mind-boggling. However, it is not new to us. The amount of complexity that we have to deal with is growing daily and the organisations that can adapt to these external changes is what will separate the successful organisations from the ones that cannot. So what has that to do with HR? Well, everything. At Human Insight we believe that every organisation is a place where talented people come together to perform. Organisations do not build great things, people do! We see a growing impact that HR has on organisation performance, guiding behaviours of people, developing talent, investing in people and creating an ecosystem where people can flourish. It sounds great, but in practice, there are some barriers to execute the aforementioned. Barriers we as Human Insight have researched over the years with great international renowned business schools such as London Business School, Ashridge Business School, Nyenrode Business University and Purdue University and put into practice with organisations throughout the world.

We have bundled these best practices and gathered ways of working over three decades that can help to manage these challenges and created a special online training course for HR professionals -managers, learning and development specialists.

The Strategic Role of HR is a two-part online training where we cover the changing role of HR and the impact that change has on the way that we organise and structure companies. The training covers two half days with pre-work and course work in between the two sessions. All the participants will receive a certificate of completion.

What will we cover during the training?
We have summarised the different topics below that we will cover during the online training. Please note that pre-course work is a part of this session.

Part 1 (4 hours)
The history of organisations, disruptions and HR.
The importance of organisational life cycles.
Company culture, how does culture develop itself and how does it impact performance?
Internal organisational tensions, why do they happen?
Systems of people, and how to manage them.
Behaviours that matter.
Organisational properties.
Agile organisation and the quest to become more responsive to change.
What are the main challenges HR is facing today?
Reflection and key learnings from the first session.

Coursework: Putting what we learnt into practice by applying an organisation quick scan of your own company, or the company that you work for as a trusted HR business partner.

Part 2 (4 hours)
Presenting your organisation quick scan and discussing findings with peers.
Reflection and key learnings from the first session.
An introduction to Psychological safety, cognitive and strategic diversity and why they are important.
Developing people, leadership development, capabilities and management skills.
Key takeaways from the program and the next steps. Putting key-learnings into practice.

Why join us and what is in it for you?
Learn new insights that impact organisational performance and practical how to’s to steer behavioural change. You will be able to analyse and pinpoint where collaboration between business units and groups of people is below average. You will be able to communicate a framework for change to stakeholders within the organisation. On top of that, you will receive the book 'Always Change a Winning Team' written by Peter Robertson and access to the online introduction course around the topic of quality of interaction and psychological safety presented by David Lewis, London Business School.Always Change a Winning Team’ geschreven door Peter Robertson en krijg je toegang tot de online introductiecursus rond het onderwerp Quality of Interaction en psychologische veiligheid, gepresenteerd door David Lewis, London Business School.

The price of the Strategic Role of HR is set at 250 per person excluding tax. Early bird special price is 175 per person and closes on the 10th of January. If you would like to enrol more than 3 people for your organisation, please contact Human Insight, Karina Steens via

The price includes the following:

  • Access to the online program hosted by Human Insight;
  • Access to recordings of online sessions;
  • Book 'Always Change a Winning Team' written by Peter Robertson;
  • Online module 'Quality of Interaction – Introduction Course' hosted by David Lewis;
  • Coursework and materials.

Course dates
We will start our online course on Thursday the 4th of February.
The second part of this module will commence on Thursday the 11th of February.
Both dates start at 10.00 and finish at 15.30. With a break for lunch at 12.30 - 13.30.


Take part in this two-day training.

The Strategic Role of HR

Date: February 4 and 11, 2021

Location: Online

Time: Both days from 10:00 -15:30 hours (CET), lunch break from 12:30 - 13:30 hours (CET)

Language: English

Price: €250.- excl. VAT, including access to the training, the recordings of the training, book 'Always Change a Winning Team' by Peter Robertson, access to the online module 'Quality of Interaction - Introduction Course' and coursework and materials. ‘Always Change a Winning Team' by Peter Robertson, access to the online module 'Quality of Interaction – Introduction Course' and coursework and materials.

Questions? Ask or call +31 6 53 61 19 76.

Event Details

Dag 1: February 04, 2021

Dag 2: February 11, 2021

Start time: 10:00

End time: 15:30

Venue: Online

Phone: +31 (0) 6 53 61 19 76