Mission-Driven Priorities

Mission-Driven Priorities approach

Jim Collins and Jerry Porras coined the term Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Something organisations and their people powering the business aspire to achieve. That is easier said than done. Working out the strategy and the mission of an organisation can be quite easily achieved, but it’s the execution part that is tricky. That is why Human Insight developed a practical approach to help execute strategy faster. Something we call Mission-Driven Priorities. The benefits of this approach are:

  • Creating clarity within the organisation of what people are working on;
  • Aligning result areas of business units and teams to reach collaboration amongst the teams;
  • An easy way of assessing the status of progress at any given time;
  • A common language and process throughout the organisation that teams can use to iterate their strategic roadmap.

Our Mission-Driven Priorities (MDP) approach helps organisation stakeholders to manage strategic execution. MDP can be thought and embedded in the organisation to create a way of working for senior leadership and project teams. Thus creating an iterative process that enables teams to adjust their action plan according to what is successful and what needs to be solved quickly to reach certain objectives.

The MDP approach is used by organisations that work with multidisciplinary teams, enabling them to plan, do, check, act based on their own strategic roadmap. Organisations that need to perform under high pressure. Specifically, it helps to coordinate actions and activities between groups of people. The application of this framework and accompanying tools is aimed to help support your people to perform better in their area of expertise, assess what is happening throughout the value chain, and collaborate better with their colleagues.

MDP offers a clear-cut process that helps individuals (team leads, leadership teams, management teams) to outline strategic objectives. It then moves towards assessing the capabilities needed to execute these objectives. After which a weighting system is used to create a SWOT analysis of specific internal and external processes. From here, the team has a concrete action plan with detailed next steps and milestones. The process is repeated every quarter or half a year to ascertain how well the strategy is being implemented and executed.

The MDP approach can be facilitated by Human Insight but can also be taught to create internal capacity within the organisation and an iterative process that enables efficient strategy execution.

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