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IT-platform blog 1

As previously announced, at Human Insight (in collaboration with an external party) we are developing a completely new IT platform. We are eagerly looking forward to the new IT platform and will keep you informed of the process in the near future through a number of short blogs written by Richard.

Since 2014, we have been updating and improving our IT platform with the aim of increasing the user-friendliness for our business partners. The possibilities are expanding every year and we try to keep up. Although we can deliver all products in a reliable and safe way with the current platform, we strive to offer you more and more options, flexibility and efficiency. Eighteen months ago we started looking at new possibilities. After a long tendering process, we started taking the first concrete steps in June 2019.

A large-scale IT project often takes more time and is often more complex than previously thought, which is also the case here. This has been the reason to keep you informed of this process through a blog. At the moment we are in the later stages of concrete coding and although we do not dare to make firm promises, we show below the Growth Curve of this entire project. We expect to be able to switch over to project testing, data integrity and security requirements within the next few months. Then there will be a phase of transition where we will introduce the platform to our business partners, transfer the data and provide all necessary instructions for using the platform.

Over the coming weeks, we will provide you with additional information about what to expect from the new platform and the progress of the process. We look forward to embarking on this adventure with all of our business partners and sharing this new phase with you!