Human Insight Solutions

Human Insight Solutions helps organisations that invest in their people and want to take the next step in growing their businesses. Our approach focuses exclusively on the people side of running a business and the impact that the diversity of people have on success. Over the past three decades, we have helped over 2000 organisations, published our findings and research insights in Harvard Business Review and work directly with top business schools in Europe and North-America. This has helped us to create best practices and test assumptions and research about what makes organisations, and more importantly, people perform? It is all about performance, but there is a lot to learn by how we interact with each other when we come to work. Which behaviours do we showcase, what patterns do people have and to what extent can we create a support system that lets people excel in their work and collaborate more effectively. 

Every organisation is different, however, they all share a common denominator: people. Our best practices and three decades worth of research are the basis to help you as an entrepreneur, management team member or employee to gather insights of what exactly makes your organisation and people tick, and possibly take the next step in growth. 

What do we do differently? 
Our focal point is the importance of strategic diversity and to link this directly to the phase of growth in which an organisation finds itself. Where are we headed and what is the next step to take? This simple question has a major impact on the way we structure an organisation and on how we plan and operationalise activities to execute strategy. 

These organisation structures and hierarchies/layers of management are placed to influence a certain degree of control to get to results. At Human Insight we see things differently. We help organisations and the people working in them to understand that their level of control is out of their hands and train them to be comfortable with this by creating the right environment for growth; a support system that enables professionals and organisation to grow.  

Guiding performance on different levels
Our Human Insight Solutions cover multiple levels to facilitate a common understanding and language throughout the entire organisation. We do this by focussing on:

Organisations don't build great things, people do!

Strategic Development

Every organisation has strategic objectives, targets and the far aways dots on the horizon in which it wants to grow. However, moving from strategy to execution is something completely different. Human Insight has developed a practice-led framework that is used to overcome exactly this barrier. Creating a common language within the organisation in which to visualise strategy and how to get there for everyone.

Organisation Development and Growth

Growing a business follows a pattern, no matter the size of your organisation. If you are building a business, scaling it or developing global business, it all comes down to preparing your organisation and its people for the next growth phase. It takes a lot of investment into growing your people to grow your business. Human Insight helps organisations and individuals to gain insight into what exactly is happening within your organisation and what to do about it. Our approach is human-centric and on that basis of everything we do to help you take the next step in sustainable growth.

Leadership Development

Leading change and transformation is no mean feat. Over the past 20 years, we have learned from the best and gathered best practices that create support systems for leaders to guide and steer teams in the right direction. It starts with creating self-awareness of leadership to create a business environment where strategic diversity and psychological safety can flourish.

Talent Development

Building your team and developing it is an ongoing process. Human Insight offers assessment and insight for individuals, teams and organisations how they can optimally profit from talent alignment, strategic diversity and succession planning by attracting talented people for the next step in growing your organisation.