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Which insights do we offer individuals, teams and organisations?

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Professional 1-to-1 coaching

Insight into the drives and talents that make you unique and how they can help you to thrive.

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Team development

Insight into team dynamics, team performance and the cognitive and strategic diversity in teams.

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Organisational development

Insight into realising sustainable growth, resilience and agility for organisations in a fast-changing world.

Human Insight assessment portaal
The online user platform for coaches and consultants
Human Insight project proces
The process of implementing our tooling

'It is fascinating to see how students and young professionals are aided by the AEM-Cube®'s insights, and to connect their results to their career ambitions. To guide these young professionals with their careers, we developed a special programme titled "The Graduate Dilemma", of which the AEM-Cube forms the basis. It is rewarding to help young professionals prepare for big and small career choices.'

Ron Soonieus
Ron Soonieus
Partner at Camunico | Executive in residence at INSEAD