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Which insights and value propositions do we offer coaches and consultants?

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1-to-1 coaching

Mapping individuals' talents and contributions for personal growth. An insight that professionals use for career planning and development.

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Team development

Analysing team dynamics and mapping the strategic and cognitive diversity in teams to connect to team performance and the strategic objectives of an organisation.

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Organisational development

Dealing with the growing pains of organisations and enabling sustainable growth, resilience and agility for organisations?

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We offer various value propositions to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve sustainable growth.

Join our international network of over 2500 certified coaches and consultants.

Paricipate in the AEM-Cube® or Qi Certification Training, available online and offline, and become a certified practitioner to use the tooling and join our network. 

Practitioner Workshops

Twice a year we organise inspiring Practitioner Workshops exclusive for all certified coaches and consultants in our network. During these interactive workshops we share ideas and discuss business cases around trending topics such as team dynamics, organisational ecology and innovation. 

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