Business Games

Insight into the tooling and concepts in a playful way.

Miracle Cure Business Game

Miracle Cure Business Game

This business game was specially developed by Human Insight to interactively experience the progress of a Growth-Curve and understand how individuals' natural contributions can be expressed.

Collaboration Game

The Collaboration Game, a business game developed by David Briggs of London Business School, helps teams work better together.

Commuter Game

The Commuter Game, a business game, developed to give team members insight into the dynamics within a team, how it is created and what the dynamics are under high pressure.

Semco Style Experience Game

The Semco Style Experience Game, a business game, developed to understand certain behavioural patterns and to build smooth cooperation and customer focus.

Beehive Game

The Beehive Game, a business game designed to approach and correct problems between two departments or teams.

Wine Tasting Game

The Wine Tasting Game, a business game developed to link personality preferences, motivations and team dynamics. AEM-Cube results are linked to different types of wine to create this link in a light, inspiring way.

Chair Exercise

The Chair Exercise, an exercise developed to better understand the different growth phases of the Growth-Curve. The Growth-Curve is visualised by five chairs with the associated roles in which the characteristics of the relevant growth phase emerge.

Complexity Exercise

The Complexity Exercise, an exercise designed to explain the difference between complex and complicated systems in a simple and interactive way.