Miracle Cure Game

Miracle Cure Game: prevent a "pandemic"

The Miracle Cure Game is ideal for teams that encounter issues related to team building and team dynamics. This business game has been specially developed by Human insight to experience the Growth-Curve in a “natural” way. The participants go through all growth phases from the Growth-Curve. In addition, the business game is constructed in such a way that the natural contribution of participants is reflected. An intervention/reflection session follows at the end of the game to discuss these natural contributions.

Goal of the game
The goal of the Miracle Cure Game is to prevent a fictional pandemic by finding a medicine in time.

Suited for
Teams | Team building | Team dynamics


Before the game, ensure:

  • Completed AEM-Cube® assessments of all participants;
  • Groups of 12 people;
  • Space (size depending on number of participants);
  • Chairs (amount depending on number of participants);
  • Time investment of at least 4 hours.

Human Insight provides:

  • Game coach(es);
  • Game materials;
  • AEM-Cube profiles of the participants and team images.

What will you learn?

  • Team dynamics;
  • Persuasion and leadership;
  • Project management;
  • Stress resistance/dealing with time pressure;
  • Team building (high-energy);
  • Supervising feedback and iteration processes;
  • Communication overview;
  • All phases of a Growth-Curve and insight into strategic diversity.