Commuter Game

Commuter Game: commute to the other side

The Commuter Game is ideal for teams that encounter issues related to team building, team performance and psychological safety. This business game is designed to provide team members with insight into how dynamics are created within a team and what can happen under high pressure and in a short period of time when it comes to performance. The business game offers an interesting dynamic between different team members who have to achieve a common goal. The group is divided in two, with 5 people on either side of the room. Both groups must commute to the other side. How do you achieve your goal together under pressure and on time?

Goal of the game
The goal of the game is to commute to the other side. 

Suited for
Teams | Team building | Team performance | Psychological safety


Before the game, ensure:

  • Groups of 10 people;
  • Space (size depending on number of participants);
  • Time investment of 1-2 hours.

Human Insight provides:

  • Supervisor(s);
  • Game materials.

What will you learn?

  • Collaboration through communication;
  • Insight in team dynamics and performance;
  • Strategic diversity.